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  • I can't seem to find documetation on how msdatasetgenerator processes xsd files, e.g. what actions it takes for various items in the xsd file.

    Daniel Lipkie

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  • Hi Daniel,

    Based on this case relate to Data, I am trying to involve someone familiar with this topic to further look at this issue. There might be some time delay. Appreciate your patience.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.

    Best regards,

    Ego [MSFT]
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    Tuesday, March 12, 2013 6:28 AM
  • An XSD file is automatically generated by Visual Studio to Classes. 

    Maybe you use VB then they have made it for a strange reasons which nobody knows invisible.

    You can see that by doing in top of Solution Explorer Show all files. 


    Tuesday, March 12, 2013 9:18 AM
  • There really doesn't seem to be any documentation on the msdatasetgenerator. Do you have specific questions? Are you having problems?

    ~~Bonnie Berent DeWitt [C# MVP]

    Wednesday, March 13, 2013 2:33 PM
  • I have multiple XSD files created from a variety of source. All have a "custom tool" msdatagenerator in Visual Studio to create C# classes.

    I am trying to understand what the various fields mean in the XSD file and how they are processed by the custom tool.

    I am comparing XSD for Visual Studio solutions where one uses System.Data.OracleClient and the other Oracle.Dataaccess.Client. The XSD is similar but not the same in the two project even though the source off the same Oracle tables/views. Both use msdatagenerator to create the C# adapters etc.

    E.g. the XSD <Connection> element has an attribute Provider.

    Provider="System.Data.OracleClient"> in one XSD in one solution and another solution has an XSD with Provider="Oracle.DataAccess.Client".

    This value seems to have a non-trival result in the generated classes.

    I was hoping to find an overview/description document of the XSD language and it "compiler" msdatagenerator.

    I have not found any such information. This makes it hard to decide what to change in the XSD.

    Daniel Lipkie

    Thursday, March 14, 2013 1:44 AM
  • I have a post on my blog about creating Typed DataSets without TableAdapters being generated. I don't know if that's part of the problem you're having, but I have never used TableAdapters (preferring instead to use DataAdapters, which are not generated by the msdatasetgenerator).

    If you've been relying on TableAdapters, then perhaps the above won't help much. If you haven't, then you may be interested in my 3-part series on Data Access for some basic ideas of how to use DataAdapters. I'm using a SQL database, but the same would apply to other databases (except you'd use, in your case, Oracle classes instead of Sql classes):

    ~~Bonnie Berent DeWitt [C# MVP]

    Thursday, March 14, 2013 1:52 AM
  • Thanks ...I'll check it out.

    Daniel Lipkie

    Thursday, April 4, 2013 3:14 PM