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    I hope this is in the right forum, I'm new to MSDN.  I'm also not an expert in SQL, so please bear with me as I was unable to find an answer by searching the archives.


    We have a single SQL 2005 Standard installation with 30 user CALs on a Server2003R2 box.  We have another Server 2003 box in a remote but connected location that we previously used for backup replication.  What we'd like to do is use some of the replication features in SQL 2005 to replicate the data over every night to the other box, onto which we would install another copy of SQL 2005.  This would not be a server accessed by clients, but simply a "live backup", that in the event of a catastrophic failure, could be manually set up to operate as a SQL server in place of the failed primary server.  I don't need any kind of automatic "failover", just the ability to replicate the data over to the other system so I have two SQL Servers that synchronize from one to the other overnight.


    I was told that I wouldn't need to buy the user CALs again, that the 30 user cals would translate over if the primary server fails and has to be replaced by the cloned server.  But what do I buy for the SQL server itself?  A boxed version is a bit pricy and comes with 5 CALs which apparently I wouldn't need.  Then I noticed that on softwaremedia.com the open license version, which can be bought a la carte, lists a requirement of buying at least 5 cals or a processor license.  What exactly do I need to do this, and how can I get it for the least amount of further spending? 





    Wednesday, May 7, 2008 6:35 PM


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