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  • OK, I am a real newbee here and i am really stuck. We are running SharePoint 2007 and Infopath 2007 as well.

    I have created an InfoPath form that has literally over 150 check boxes on it. It is a permissions request form for an MRP program that we run at our facillity. When new users fill out the form they simply put a check in the box next to what they need access to and then click on submit and the form gets submitted to our SharePoint site. For example if they want access to Job entry, order entry, labor edit, etc. they simply click the appropriate box then submit the form. This is all well and good with the exception that if a user only wants access to 2 or 3 items the entire form gets submitted and with only 3 check boxes out of 150 is very difficult to see and easily overlooked. Therefore I would like to be able to submit the form but only have the items that are checked show up.

    I hope I am explaining this OK, like I said I am new at this and unsure of the correct terms but basically I want to take the form that i developed and when it gets submitted only have the items that the person checked show up on the submitted form. Whether it be 3 items or 30 items

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  • Hi Bobbert,

      • We can create 2 views, one for submitter and the other for approver. Submitter view used by submitter with all 150 options. And approver view, we can open each option within a section, add formatting rule to the section, if current option/field within it is equal to FALSE, hide this control. In this way, one those checked options will visible on Approver view.
      • The other solutions is

    Suppose we have 3 options: Field1, Field2, Field3. Next, create another 3 fields: T_Field1,T_Field2, T_Field3.

    Add action rule on Field1.
    If Field1 = True, Set T_Field1 = option1; (with the semicolon)
    If Field1= False, Set T_Field1 = “”

    Similar for Field2 and Field3
    If Field2/Field3 = True, Set T_Field2/T_Field3 = option2/option3; (with the semicolon)
    If Field2/Field3= False, Set T_Field2/T_Field3 = “”

    And another field, name it “All_Selected_Options”, add its default value using following formula.

    concat(T_Field1, T_Field2, T_Field3)

    Done but this solution is a little complex for 150 options.

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