Failed to attach disks to VM RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to get my custom linux vm to deploy on Azure Stack but I get an error:


    statusMessage:{"status":"Failed","error":{"code":"ResourceDeploymentFailure","message":"The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state 'Failed'.","details":[{"code":"InternalExecutionError","message":"Failed to attach disks to VM 'Elie-Test'"}]}}

    ELIE (Embedded Linux Integration Environment) is a Linux environment derived from upstream Linux community components. We use the Yocto Project as our primary build infrastructure and the definition of the core components of the Linux image. A product-specific meta layer is applied to the base image to give the final product its unique identify. This ‘process’ is very similar to what a Linux Distributor does, in that a bundle of specific packages and versions is used. But, ELIE is not based on any particular Linux distribution.

    The Hyper-V drivers and WAAgent 2.2.0 are installed as well as all the required packages/versions of Python etc., and added rootdelay and earlyprintk options and performed the agent deprovision command in Hyper-V before uploading to Azure Stack.

    I've tried the Basic and Standard options but both fail the same way.  Each option has 2 or more "data disks" that I think might be the disks that aren't attaching.  There are no extra disks with the Elie build, just the OS ext4 disk.

    Any ideas on how I can debug or get past this issue?

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