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  • Hello,

    For the past 1-2 weeks I have been attempting to download the HLK using the links from the page

    and encountering the same problem every time. I can download the installer (HLKsetup.exe) with no problem.

    But when attempting to actually download the HLK by running HLKsetup.exe, the installer gives the error "Unable to verify the integrity of downloaded content."

    I have tried the three different versions 1903, 1809, and 1607. It is the same for each.

    I have tried both using the method to install on the local system and to download for installation on another system. It is the same.

    I have tried on 3 different systems, including systems that have never had any version of HLK installed on them before. All the systems have a great deal of free space. It is the same.

    Here is what seems to be the relevant portion of the log (from an attempt to download for use on a different system). The destination directory is \tmp\hlkx\hlk_download.

    [0CBC:009C][2019-06-07T17:36:17]w343: Prompt for source of package: package_HLKClientInstallShare_x86_en_us, payload: fF1CDDC7873952752915458C3CF740A25, path: C:\tmp\hlkx\Installers\
    [0CBC:009C][2019-06-07T17:36:17]i000: fF1CDDC7873952752915458C3CF740A25
    [0CBC:009C][2019-06-07T17:36:17]i000: fF1CDDC7873952752915458C3CF740A25 to
    [0CBC:009C][2019-06-07T17:36:17]i338: Acquiring package: package_HLKClientInstallShare_x86_en_us, payload: fF1CDDC7873952752915458C3CF740A25, download from:
    [0704:1244][2019-06-07T17:36:23]e000: Error 0x80091007: Hash mismatch for path: C:\Users\neg\AppData\Local\Temp\{a2ce327a-a662-46e0-8bfd-7ac4b4e16e58}\fF1CDDC7873952752915458C3CF740A25, expected: 69E2A9FD95D61241C214777AF3DE8AE6E9770E9E, actual: 8F4C89F4229511712137000B734B48D0A7042B72
    [0704:1244][2019-06-07T17:36:23]e000: Error 0x80091007: Failed to verify payload hash: C:\tmp\hlkx\hlk_download\Installers\
    [0704:1244][2019-06-07T17:36:23]e000: Error 0x80091007: Failed to layout payload from cached payload: C:\tmp\hlkx\hlk_download\Installers\
    [0704:1244][2019-06-07T17:36:23]e000: Error 0x80091007: Failed to layout payload from: C:\Users\neg\AppData\Local\Temp\{a2ce327a-a662-46e0-8bfd-7ac4b4e16e58}\fF1CDDC7873952752915458C3CF740A25 to C:\tmp\hlkx\hlk_download\
    [0CBC:009C][2019-06-07T17:36:23]i000: ERROR: Failed to verify the integrity of payload [fF1CDDC7873952752915458C3CF740A25] for Package package_HLKClientInstallShare_x86_en_us
    [0CBC:009C][2019-06-07T17:36:23]i000: RetryManager: Retry acquire for cache verification error on payload [fF1CDDC7873952752915458C3CF740A25]
    [0CBC:009C][2019-06-07T17:36:23]e317: Failed to layout payload: fF1CDDC7873952752915458C3CF740A25 to layout directory: C:\tmp\hlkx\hlk_download\, error: 0x80091007.
    [0CBC:009C][2019-06-07T17:36:23]e349: Application requested retry of payload: fF1CDDC7873952752915458C3CF740A25, encountered error: 0x80091007. Retrying...

    I have seen references to similar errors for downloads of other Microsoft software in the past. It is often recommended to clean up directories. I have cleaned up the contents of %TEMP%, as well as of the download directory that I specified. It is the same.

    I had last downloaded HLK successfully last fall.

    Is there any action to fix this that is recommended that I have not already tried? I can certainly supply an entire log if someone requests it.

    Thank you.

    Friday, June 7, 2019 11:13 PM

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  • Remove the folder "C:\tmp\hlkx\hlk_download\Installers"

    Remove the folder "%userprofile%\Downloads\Windows Kits\Hardware Lab Kit\Installers"

    Maybe, there are a mix of old and new files.

    Tuesday, December 10, 2019 3:45 AM