Getting Recurring Messages In Event Log From ReportViewer RRS feed

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  • I have a site written in .net 3.5 that uses a ReportViewer control on 3 different pages. All of the reports are rdlc local reports. We recently noticed that in the Event Log of our public web server that my app is generating a Warning message approx. every 90 seconds. The message contains: "AspNetSessionExpiredException - ASP.NET Session has expired". The message also points towards the ReportViewer control in my app. The wierd thing is, this exception is being logged on the server even when user are not visiting the site or executing the report. We have restarted IIS, moved the app to different app pools, restarted the server and nothing has worked. We have been able to get the message to shift to a different error by changing some settings in IIS. The only way we have been able to completely remove the error is to remove the site from IIS AND physically move the app's folder to a different location out of INetPub. Here are the specs on the site:

    ASP.NET 3.5 (running SP1)
    Win Server 2003
    ReportViewer 2008 (SP1)
    IIS 6
    1 worker process
    database for reports is a DB2 database located inside our firewall, not in the DMZ with the web server
    report is populated with data generated by a class and passed as a datatable with parameters into the report
    uses session and we have tried it with and without cookies...the exception shifts when we set it to use Cookieless session

    The report seems to be executing fine. I have never recreated an error with the report and I have my site set up to send me an email whenever an error occurs in the site and I have recieved no errors. It also does not log this message when we are testing the app from inside our firewall on our test server. Can anybody provide help????!!! Thanks1
    Friday, April 24, 2009 1:54 PM