Outlook 2013 : how to identify add-in that is causing UI delay's RRS feed

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  • Non programmer here,  Trying to figure out how to find which add-in in Outlook 2013 32bits is causing intermittent UI issues.  Example user replies on email body and parts of header go blank :

    If the user waits for a 2-5 minutes email will render.  If user continues to type while email is in "white-out mode" text is entered in email but appears invisible would appear in 2-5 min when the entre msg renders properly.

    It would appear the main Outlook thread is busy running a code from one of our multiple com add-in's

    Apart from having a live debugger attached to Oulook, what method would a programmer use to find the add-in causing the delay ?

    My simplified understanding of the problem is,  Main thread in Outlook is executing add-in code,  UI rendering gets paused, add-in code finished, UI gets properly rendered. So in theory if I had a stack trace of the main thread would I be able to identify  the add-in code that is being run ?.  When the white screen issue occur, Outlook total memory consumption does not seem to be an issue, nor does GDI count. ( PC's run win 8.1 x64 with 8GB ram) 

    Related question,  As I just learned that all of the Com-addin's must run in the main thread, at what point do the shear number of add-ins start to blog down Outlook performance,  We have about 15 addins about 4 of them seem to intercept all of the Outlook events, new email sent email etc and do something if the event is handled by a given add-in.


    Friday, September 11, 2015 4:04 PM