Where to report racist apps in the Windows Store?


  • I wonder what the Microsoft policy is regarding racist apps in the Windows Store?

    I would like to report a racist app in the Windows 8 store called Pieten which is an insult to black people as it is based on blackface. See the app here

    Internationally blackface is seen as a very heavy form of racism, so I don't understand how come this app got approved.

    The UN has also expressed their concern about this blackface issue and has called it racism. See the following:

    This app really upsets black people, as it is a stereotypical character of black people.

    Could you take the necessary steps to reject this app and prevent such apps in the Windows Store?

    I don't think that Microsoft would want to spoil its brand name with this type of racism.

    Thursday, November 28, 2013 12:46 PM