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    I've developed a filter driver for windows 10 that I sign via Attestation and am able to use with no issues. Recently a deployment was needed on a 2012 server installation (The driver is backwards compatible and works 100% with test signing on / verification off). I was led to believe that an EV signature on the file was enough prior to Windows 10, but this did not work for me, and I've seen others online say the same. Even though my driver has no hardware component it seemed that the only, or maybe just 'best', way to get a Microsoft signature for Windows 8/2012 was to pass the HCL hardware tests.

    I have tested and passed the HCL process on 2012 Server R1 x64, received the signed files back from MS, etc. But I am still met with an unsigned driver error when trying to install on a fresh installation. As far as I know there is no further certification I can receive beyond HCL for this version of Windows. Attestation obviously works for W10 but not something older, and just an EV isn't helping either. My driver returned post-HCL has both my Sha 1 EV and a Sha256 from MS.

    I can't find any documentation of what's going on here. My understanding is that this driver should be "ready to be shipped" and that I should have no issues deploying it. Is there a further step, a reason this would happen, any guidance someone can give, etc?

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