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  • By: snah

    Expression Media (EM) allows to build own vocabularies. Data entered is 
    normally stored in the users folder under Application Data in editable txt 
    For example when entering data in the Annotation field 'State' the 
    corresponding text 'state.txt' grows as we enter data. In EM the field 
    'State' offers a pull-down arrow allowing to choose from already entered 
    data. Other such fields are 'Keywords', 'Location', 'Country' etc. So far so 
    But there are some fields that do NOT offer such a pull-down option after 
    entering data, also there is no corresponding text file 'behind' those 
    fields. Such fields are 'Copyright Notice', 'Title', 'Rights Usage Terms' and 
    a few more.
    Here is the question:
    Does anybody know if there is a way to make those fields 'remember' the data 
    entered, so that they also offer a pull-down option?
    I'd like to choose among different Copyright notices or at least have ME 
    'remember' what I have entered in that field already for other images, just 
    like in many other Annotation fields.
    (I know there is an easy way to transfer Annotation data from one image to 
    other image(s) by selecting the little green arrows and then into my 
    Your suggestions and/or feedback is highly appreciated.
    Friday, February 29, 2008 11:35 PM


  • By: Will Brandt [MSFT]

    Most of the fields you mentioned (Copyright Notice, Rights Usage Terms) are 
    multi-line fields and are excluded from vocabulary functionality.  The 
    Title field is also excluded as you have noticed. Since this feature is 
    important to your workflow, I would recommend submitting product feedback 
    through Microsoft Connect  (http://connect.microsoft.com). ; These 
    suggestions are reviewed by our product team for future versions.
    As a workaround to this limitation, you could create custom fields which 
    represent the Copyright Notice and Rights Usage Terms.  Vocabularies are 
    able to be implemented for custom fields.  Depending on the amount of 
    unique entries you have for these fields, you could also use metadata 
    templates.  This would give the advantage of having consistent entries and 
    being able to annotate multiple items at once.
    Best Regards, 
    Will Brandt, MCP MCTS
    Online Support Engineer
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    Friday, February 29, 2008 11:36 PM