Create Co-Admin for a Subscription in Non Default Directory


  • Folks,

    I created a new directory from the manage  portal under Active Directory Section called Project101. Added a user Jones in this directory and made him Global Admin.

    This user would like to be able to create and delete users at will therefore created this directory for him.

    Now created a new Subscription for him called Project101Sub. Post that if I login to portal and IAM where I can make this user as co-admin, I cant find him in the directory which I created. I mean, that directory users dont show up.

    The requirement is for a user to have

    1. His own dedicated subscription

    2. Be a co-admin

    3. Also, be a global admin of a dedicated directory to be able to make changes at will for POC etc.

    I just cant find a way to add this user who is part of new directory and global admin as a co-admin for the subscription which I created. If I type his email, then it says that it will invite and add the user to default directory which I dont want.

    Maybe I am missing something.

    Regards, Vik Singh "If this thread answered your question, please click on "Mark as Answer"

    Tuesday, March 7, 2017 4:07 AM

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