Dear Microsoft, what is this new dashboard supposed to do exactly? make developers go away from win 10 by any chance? RRS feed

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  • The new dashboard is practically useless. Are you seriously expecting developers to adapt early to windows 10 if you don't make things WORK, at least partially? Why is the app management category at the bottom of the page? Why do I get redirected to it when YOU KNOW I CAN'T DO ANYTHING MEANINGFUL WITH IT? Ok fine, it is a preview, we can move on to the old dashboard...

    So i installed windows 10 on my development machine (terrible, terrible mistake that was). Great. Your dashboard usually does not work in any other browser but internet explorer due to whatever silverlight plugin you are using.

    Guess what, it doesn't work on Spartan either. Good job there Microsoft. Oh and good job at copy pasting mozzila firefox. So right now I am using IE to do the job. (how ironic).

    if you want developers to adapt, then you need to make things easy for us. let's not even dwell on the horrible way you chose to treat C++ developers in the new Visual Studio 2015.

    And PLEASE stop redirecting me to the new dashboard. Dead time...

    PS: this thread is half a joke. Please don't take it too literally.
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    Friday, May 8, 2015 9:20 AM

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  • LOL

    About a month ago, I installed the technical preview of 10 onto my SP3, the only machine I have, after being assured by the internet community at large that it was stable enough.  Long story short, I ended up having a panic attack, wiped everything, and reinstalled windows 8.1.

    Friday, May 8, 2015 12:58 PM