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    Dear Gents

    I need to integrate OFSAA application with Microsoft AD; However in the OFSAA guide steps for only openLDAP is given and It is written there for other LDAPs do the same steps appropriately

    These are the steps:

    1. Copy the reveleusSchema.schema from <Infrastructure Installation Directory> /ficapp/common/FICServer/conf/LDAP_LDIF folder to LDAPServer Schema folder.

    2. Copy the Domains.ldif and Reveleus.ldif files from <Infrastructure Installation Directory>/ficapp/common/FICServer/conf/LDAP_LDIF folder to OpenLDAPServer folder.

    NOTE: Make sure that the ROOTCONTEXT in the Domains.ldif and Reveleus.ldif files are the same as slapd.conf file.

    3. Provide the appropriate entries for rootdn, rootpass, and rootcontext in slapd.conf file in the OpenLDAPServer folder.

    4. Add the text “include schema/reveleusSchema.schema” as the first line of the slapd.conf file

    NOTE: The above steps of the configuration are for OpenLDAP Server only. If you need to configure Infrastructure for any other LDAP Server, you will have to make the changes appropriately.

    5. In the command prompt, navigate to the LDAP installation directory and execute the command “ldapadd –D”ROOTDN” -w ROOTPASS –f/data/Reveleus.ldif”

    Can you guide me step wise that how i can perform these steps for Microsoft AD ? I am very new to AD

    Thanks in advance


    Tuesday, March 11, 2014 5:49 PM