Extensions should not be able to change pricing model from Free to Paid after initial submission


  • I think that extension creators should not be able to abuse the system by changing from Free pricing model to Paid. If you want to create a paid version of your extension than upload it as a new submission with clearly stated terms and conditions from the very begining.

    VS10x Code Map v3 extension developed by Michael Kiss pretended to be free to gain popularity and votes, now without warning changed to paid. This is unfair practice and abuse of trust of fellow developers. The extension would have never gained popularity had the author been fair with terms and conditions, not to mention that many votes were given based on the 'free' factor.

    Michael Kiss have stated at least twice in the past that this extension is and will be free (see below).

    I have not problems with Michael getting paid for his work, but this should be done using new submission to the gallery.


    Written September 20, 2010
    Michael Kiss [AxTools]
    No reason to worry Shimmy, for the foreseeable future it will stay free.

    Written September 11, 2010
    Michael Kiss [AxTools]
    Hello Bernardo, While for "VS10x Code Map" I have decided to go the freeware path, that one (together with the remaining VS10x Extensions) are exclusively part of "CodeSMART 10 with VS10x Extensions" (see www.axtools.com for details). Michael.

    Thursday, August 11, 2011 12:33 PM