File Storage for PreK to High School


  • Over the holidays, my son's school lost their Windows 2008 file server. They have backups of the data and are trying to decide if they should replace it with a NAS or post to the cloud. The data is primarily things like Office Documents, pdfs, pics and others used by the teachers.   The concern is whether it is safe of not to put things with student information into the cloud and how it can be secured to meet SOX laws and other government stuff.  They currently have Active Directory setup in Azure and some staff using Office 365.  The teachers move between classrooms and are setup with roaming profiles.  It is a small private school with around 80 to 100 staff members.

    I am on the development side of IT and not sure what to recommend to them as a replacement in the network world.  My professional opinion is that they should go with the cloud and secure it somehow with AD.  The old setup was more of a peer to peer, and taking this path would allow them to move to an Enterprise solution that would also simplify some of their management. They have also asked about One Drive for Business, but I don't think that is the way they should go.

    What would be the best way for them to do this without busting the budget?  And how would they go about setting it up?

    Many Thanks!


    Thursday, January 7, 2016 2:12 PM


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