How to create a dynamic table in ASP.net with it's connectivity to some SQL Database { MySQL or SQL Server } (for insertion and Retrieval of values in it's Cells, to & from Database) such that - RRS feed

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    suppose for example - for a user a Contact list of students in his class
    with fields or Attributes such as

    |Name | section | Age | Date of Birth | Address |Phone|

            [New Row][Save][Show]  -

    *(New Row, Save and Show are buttons)

    Cases & Conditions:

    1) when User enters Data, Data is added or inserted to it's cells
    and when "Save" button is pressed, those values get added to the database.

    also Everytime when a user makes a new Entry to Frontend table(after previous entries)
    and "Save" button is pressed, that New Entry also gets saved/added to the database

    without Saving previous Entries (again & again). i mean Previous entries should not
    be saved again and again. For they were already saved before.
    i mean only saving of New Entries.

    2) When User presses a "Show" button all those added Entries/values  
    are Shown in this table , retrieving data from the Database.  

    3) it also should be dynamic table, which also adds a new row to itself
    ( FOR in case - when it's all cells are completely filled ,
    either on filling of last column cell of last row
    OR by creating and adding "new row" Button)

    4)New row should also be capable of saving/adding values to datbase.

    Is it Possible to code & create such type of a table , i was wondering ??

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013 3:17 PM

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