Debug the linq created by WCF Data Services


  • Is it possible to debug the WCF Data Service in order to look at the linq that is being processed?

    I have a custom odata provider using WCF data service as it's base, but when I set the page size in config it starts bugging out when I try to navigate to related entities (e.g. odata uri http://[[host]]/CustomODataProvider.svc/Organization('04610851')/Projects  

    If I set a break point at the very start of where it hits my data context the linq (via Remotion) is using the same variable name for both Organization and Project which obviously causes some problems when I'm using the query against my data store

    My main issue is that I need to be able to see what's linq the data service is creating and I'm stumped about how to do it!

    Friday, March 02, 2012 4:46 PM