How to obtain a presence status from xbox 360 kinect model 1414 RRS feed

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  • Morning Everyone,

    I have been looking a bit around the forum, but couldn't really find an answer to my question.

    I am currently using an XBOX 360 Kinect Model 1414 using the SDK v1.0 Beta2.  I'm modifying an existing software (transcript software) written on C# (which is already working fine).  I'm programming on Visual Studio Express 2017 for Windows Desktop.

    The piece of software basically outputs 3 types of data to be used by another software to trigger playlists/cues.  I need those data as numerical values.  Currently the piece of software gives me values for:

    (right arm movement): a combination of right(hand & shoulder) position | values ranging from 0 to 1,

    (left arm movement): a combination of left(hand & shoulder) position | values ranging from 0 to 1,

    (depth): the distance between the kinect and the person [Z position] | values ranging from 0 to 6+

    (lateral position): lateral body positioning [X position] | values ranging from -8 to +8 approx.

    I'm not expert in programming, but some 6 years back I used to do some visual basic programming.  I figured out by myself how to get the (lateral position) but now I'd like some help.

    I need numerical values as I import those data into my video player as generic inputs which in turns triggers the playlists/cues and the generic input type in the video player is only numerical values.

    The system works as such:

    kinect connected on windows  --> 'transcript software' (converts kinect data into values to be fed to my video player) --> video player.

    To have it running, I need to run the 'transcript software' in background for the kinect to communicate to my video player through tcp/ip.

    All this works fine.

    But now, I would like to get a presence status from the kinect as 0 or 1 (or other numerical value) so that I can use the value to kill my playlist/cues if no one is present in the kinect field.


    if someone is detected in the kinect field; output presence=1;

    if no one is present in the kinect field; output presence=0.

    Then I can set a condition in my video player to kill all playlists/cues if presence=0.

    Can someone help/guide me how to achieve this?  I don't know from which Classes/Structures/Enumerations to obtain this info.

    Best regards,


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