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  • Hello,

    my WES7 image drops "Aero effects" (transparancy etc.) in a strange way: When an user account is used for the first time, everything is OK - my theme is used as expected. After rebooting and logging on again, visual elements etc. appear like they do when the "Basic" theme is used (no more transparancy etc.). Another reboot did not help.


    If I switch the theme (e.g. to "Windows 7" and then back to my own) using the "Personalization" control panel, "Aero effects" are back again and did not get lost after a reboot any more.

    Is there a way to fix this without the need of user interaction, f.ex. registry settings in the default profile? Have much thanks in before.

    I think I found an answer for this, but I am not really sure:

    After sysprep, when the user (in my case Administrator) logs in for the first time, a script - running as shell in order to avoid interfering with the Explorer Shell - performs a couple of tasks, among others, graphics drivers will be installed. The setup of the graphics driver trigger a desktop window manager performance assesment for the next boot, this is done by adding WinSAT as RunOnce registry item in HKLM.

    After my script has completed it's tasks, Explorer Shell is restored and the main user is configured for automatic logon. Since WinSAT requires elevated privileagues to run and the main user does not have that privileagues, WinSAT will not run (however, I wonder that the UAC prompt did not appear,...).

    So my solution is to run WinSAT during my script is on progress, that helped me to get around this. But there reamins the question why visual effects were enabled at the first logon, but then became disabled on the next reboot...

    Best regards,
    Willi K.

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