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  • Problem Specification A local picture framing shop accepts orders for two types of frames – regular and fancy. The frames are available in white and can be ordered in some colors the customer can choose from. Each frame is one inch wide (Figure 1). The dimensions denoted by ( , X Y p p ) indicate the length and width of the photo that needs framing. ( , X Yf f ) indicates the frame dimensions (length and width). The photo is to be positioned in the center with a clearance of 0.5 inch from the frame on all sides. Yf Xf Xp Yp 1" 1" 0.5" 0.5" Figure 1: Photo and frame dimensions The cost of a regular frame is $0.15 per inch and the cost of a fancy frame is $0.25 inch. Table 1 shows the costs for the required add-ons for each type of frame. Table 2 shows the cost of each optional add-on associated with regular and fancy style frames that the customer can choose from. Table 1: Required add-ons Required add-ons: Cost ($) Cardboard paper behind picture 0.05 per square inch Glass on top of picture. (choose from)  3mm thick glass  4mm thick glass 0.10 per square inch 0.15 per square inch Table 2: Optional additional add-ons Additional add-ons: Cost ($) Frame coloring (all sides)  Lighter colors (White, Aqua, Azure, Beige, Ivory)  Darker colors (Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Cyan, Crimson) 0.10 per inch 0.20 per inch Crown in the corners 0.35 per crown Furthermore, if the customer orders frames for a photo with area greater than or equal to 144 square inches or if at least one of the sides of the picture is greater than or equal to 20 inches then the following discounts apply: Tables 3 and 4 shows the applicable discounts. Table 3: Discount on required add-ons Required add-ons: Percent (%) Cardboard paper behind picture 10% on total area cost Glass on top of picture. (choose from)  3mm thick glass  4mm thick glass 5% per square inch 10% per square inch Table 4: Discount on optional additional add-ons Additional add-ons: Cost ($) or Percent (%) Frame coloring (all sides)  Lighter colors (White, Aqua, Azure, Beige, Ivory)  Darker colors (Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Cyan, Crimson) 10% per inch 20% per inch Crown in the corners 0.30 per crown Finally if the customer wishes to have the picture frame shipped then the standard shipping cost is based on the frame area as given in Table 5. Table 5: Shipping cost ($) Total frame area (square inches) Shipping Cost ($) < 50 50 – 80 81-100 >= 101 2 4 + 0.10 per sq inch > 50 6 + 0.10 per sq inch > 88 10 + 0.10 per sq inch > 100 Specific program constraint:  Photo dimensions will always be in whole numbers but photos with either length or width of less than or equal to 3 inches are not framed by the shop. Dimensions cannot be zero. Assignment Requirements: 1. Draw an appropriate user-Interface, using appropriate controls to capture only the required information from the users in order to calculate the cost of photo framing. 2. Calculate the cost of a photo frame based on the size of the photo, including the required and additional optional options (if any), shipping (if selected) less discount (if applicable). 3. Display total cost (rounded to two decimal points if required).  

    Can i get the coding for this question in VB 2010 express >>.

    Sunday, September 3, 2017 4:12 AM

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  • Hi, you have posted to a forum with regard to Microsoft Project.  Please repost this to a forum to do with VB.

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    Sunday, September 3, 2017 1:09 PM
  • Hi Ozil1999,

    You want to do something in Can you post some code to describe your requirements?

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    Wednesday, September 13, 2017 9:13 AM
  • Hello,

    With no disrespect we don't provide code for (which it appears to be) homework assignments. Here is how it works, you write code, when there is something you are having problems with you supply a small code segment which represents the problem (using the code block button) where we either provide a solution or make a recommendation.

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  • Karen and cherry, instead of replying to the OP you can in my opinion better move this to the for us hidden Moderator forum. 

    It could direct be answered that these forums are not a free base for code. Now it is only creating thrash. 


    Wednesday, September 13, 2017 2:46 PM