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  • Hi everyone :)

    I made a paint program and it is my favorite so far. It was very fun to make and it helped me learn a lot!

    I hope you like it and that it might help you too.


    • Press the "Right Mouse Button" on a tool to open it's menu
    • Press the "Escape" key on the keyboard to close the current menu
    • Press the "Delete" key on the keyboard to clear the screen
    • Press the "Right Mouse Button" to close the color dialog

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  • This is great work Athasak. Big job.

    Nicely shows what can be done with SB. Stunning GUI.

    Friday, March 11, 2016 5:09 AM
  • ur app is so huge i had to split it in 3 parts to republish:




    i made some modifications and additions:

    • 250 lines removed
    • removed color selecting and replaced by LD standard win color picker
    • added  font selecting by win standard textfont menu

    one of major problem in sb programming is that every programmer makes its own nonstandard UI.

    thus u waste ur energy on reinventing the hot water. u must use win standard UI tools as much as it's possible, mostly by some xtension like LD. then ur code gets smaller and more effective.

    also i tried to speedup copy/paste/mirror by using faster LDARRAY arrays but it didn't speed up((

    it seems that getpixel is very slow operation in SB.

    anyway compliments for nice work and graphic icons design)) 

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