When debugging in visual basic, windows form re-sizes itself


  • Hi, so im a high school student and have to make a quiz for my Software development class using visual studio and using the visual basic language with windows form. I have very little experience with the visual studio software and i am getting a problem where the form re-sizes itself when debugging and cuts off most of the text. I have tried going through the form preferences and unchecking "autosize" and other options but it seems to keep doing the same thing every time i debug. its getting really annoying and i took the time to ask for a solution to the problem.

    Here are two screenshots of what the problem:

    Not debugging:


    I really hope someone can give me a solution to this because it is driving me crazy!

    Friday, March 18, 2016 7:51 AM


  • Hi Jaylon_jdm,

    It seems that the screen shot in debugging mode was not correct, we couldn't visit it in our side.

    Just to make this issue clearly, it has different results in two modes(debugging/not debugging) using the same VS machine, am I right?

    The reason why I need to make sure that whether you use the same machine is that I met the size changed issue before which were related to the system resolution.

    If you use the same machine, maybe you could test using the following steps:

    (1) Reset VS settings:

    TOOLS->Import and Export Settings Wizard->Reset all settings->select “No, just reset settings, overwriting my current settings”->Choose a Default Collection of settings.

    And then run it again in two ways.

    (2) Please check that whether all Winform apps have the same issue. If just the specific app has this issue, maybe you could create a blank solution, and then add all project files to the new solution, or add a new form using the same code in this new project, clean and rebuild it, check the result.

    Or you could debug it in other VS machine, so we could also know that whether it is related to the project itself or others.

    But if all projects have the same issue, I think we would think about the VS Environment if you use the same VS machine.

    If you get any latest information in your side, please feel free to let me know.

    Best Regards,


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    Monday, March 21, 2016 9:44 AM