Replacing WM_INPUT in Metro games. PointerPoint.RawPosition no good. RRS feed

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  • Hey guys - I'm trying to get a handle on the Metro user input and have found that there is no replacement for the WM_INPUT high rez mouse messages. With WM_INPUT, even when the mouse pointer is up against the left edge of the screen, I could still get change in X position information as negative values. This lets me know that a user is still moving the mouse left even though the pointer cant go any further that way. 

    With metro, I can only get the mouse position and there is no way to know that the user is still moving the mouse. Am I blind? Is there a secret way to get this info that I missed? PointerPoint.RawPosition seems to be the same as PointerPoint.Position and doesn't help.

    This is for doing mouselook in game. I can use finger swiping to do mouselook, but still want to support the touchpad. Maybe I can fall back on resetting the pointer to the middle of the screen everytime it moves.

    Tuesday, April 30, 2013 5:15 PM


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