Effect on VM OS disc and data disc when the access keys of Storage Account is regenerated


  • Hello,

    I was wondering how does VM update itself with the regenerated keys that, it does not lose its

    connection with the OS disc or data disc stored in the Storage account it is associated with. 

    This reference here on Github says that the running VM gets affected and it needs to be redeployed. Therefore, it should be shutdown before key regeneration to keep it unaffected. 

    However, MSDN reference does not say anything about affecting the running VMs.

    I tried doing it and I could see my running VM unaffected by the key regeneration of the storage account.

    How come VM keeps itself intact with the storage account, which holds its OS disc, even when the keys are regenerated?
    How do they update it implicitly?
    A little inside story please.

    rahul mohan

    Thursday, May 5, 2016 6:22 AM