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  • We are building a C# application that uses different Powershell modules:

    • ActiveDirectory Module
    • Exchange 2010 cmdlets
    • 3 custom made modules that use a mix of the AD module cmdlets and the Exchange 2010 cmdlets

    Testing was going smoothly until we got to test PS functions that are using Exchange 2010 cmdlets.

    In command-line mode, the modules functions were working perfectly. When invoked in C# code, we ran into what I would call the "deserialized objects" wall. 

    Many functions that depended on specific properties and methods of the actual .NET objects weren't working anymore due to this.

    My question:

    Is it possible to use the real (non deserialized) objects when invoking Exchange 2010 PS cmdlets within C# code, assuming the following:

    • We are running the code directly on a 2008 R2 server with the Exchange management Tools installed (Exchange 2010 SP3 UR5)
    • The "real" .NET objects are fully available when running the PS functions with EMS on that same server.

    We have extensively searched for a solution but most of the suggestions and info we found point to C# code to connect to Exchange via Remote PS, thus yielding deserialized objects.

    Is there a way to do this or are we wasting our time and should change the PS code to work with the deserialized version of the objects (that would be a serious bummer BTW)?

    If it's possible, we would very much appreciate to know which code is necessary to properly create and configure a PS session / runspace that would allow full access to the Exchange .NET objects.

    Thanks in advance


    Michel Dube

    P.S.  I am the PS developper, not the C# one.  So be gentle with me... ;).  I am helping a collegue (the C# developper) to properly use the module I developped in the C# application.

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