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  • hi every body

    i am new developer  working in pocket pc allication
    please help me
    how to create project VS 2005 WIN32 in VC++
    Stape by stape proccess.
    and how to add hadra file and variable decleration which page

    pravej alam
    Friday, January 25, 2008 5:09 AM



    By Default VS 2005 ships with Pocket PC 2003 SDK and SMartPhone 2003 SDKs, so you will be able to create projects for these two platforms. Its really simple, all that you need to do is open VS 2005, and then

    1. Create new project

    2. Select  Langauge C++

    3. Select Smart device under C++

    4. Then you can select the Win32 type of project(from the options of ATL, MFC, MFC ActivX control and Win32)

    5. Give a name for your project, click finish

    6. Select PPC 2003 as the platform, select from the options for exe/dll etc


    This would generate a default project with some default code, that creates a basic app/dll, which you should be able to compile and then pressing just F5 launches a PPC emulator and debugs the app on the emulator.


    You could just develop apps like the way you develop on desktop using VS IDE, then you should just be able to compile and test on emulators.


    IF you need to develop on any thing other than PPC/SP 2003, like you need PPC 2005, then you need to install WIndows Mobile 5.0 SDK. You could also choose to use VS 2008, which by default ships with Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK, and you can develop your apps targeting PPC/SP 2005.


    VS 2008 has more features and better support for SmartDevice application development.



    Gangadhar Heralgi

    Friday, January 25, 2008 8:01 AM