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  • 1) Create a (C++/CX) "Windows Runtime Component" (let's say "MyComponent") add a namespace call it "XamlStuff" with a "UserControl";

    2) Create a (C++/CX) "Blank App (XAML)" Windows Store app and add the "UserControl" to your "MainPage";

    3) Build it.  And surprise, it doesn't.

    The result is that (for some reason) it creates a directory for you XAML called "../Debug/XamlStuff/zzz" in where you will find your XAML stuff.  Still while building it will try to find the needed XAML (zzz) IN "../Debug/MyComponent/XamlStuff/...".

    What should I do?

    1) Just create a directory "../Debug/MyComponent";

    2) copy the "zzz" into this new folder;

    3) Build it.  It just works!

    I couldn't find a way to influence the compile/build process to place the XAML resources where it is expecting to find those. 

    It is OK to do it by hand and once or twice, but every time I do an update, it is annoying.  Please fix this thing, else tell me how I influence the compiler/linker/builder to do right thing! (hopefully it will be an easy task...)


    Thursday, March 14, 2013 9:53 AM

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  • Thanks for you reply!

    I over simplify the real scenario and didn't test the simplify case I presented.  In this mickey mouse sample following my instructions all works fine, still as soon as you build-up a library it is not that simple.  The issue that I do have is that I don't use the default output projects folders where all (for small solutions) or a couple of components things work great, instead I use a common output assemblies repository that don't require the use of separate debug / release directories per project and there is where the build gets bad.

    Anyways, thanks for the reply and the time to put the sample together.


    Thursday, March 14, 2013 10:22 PM