Erratic Behaviour from ADF


  • Hi,

    We are getting some rather strange behavior which is causing us a lot of problems on

    "Error Occurred - The gateway did not receive a response from 'Microsoft.DataFactory' within the specified time period"

    Once we received: "An unknown error occurred for the following resource: pipelines in *** factory. Please contact the administrator of the *** data factory"

    Looking at the console window in Chrome there is a lot of noise and a bunch of 504's and internal server errors.

    It's cancelling tasks, and we can't connect to the Web UI, the WebUI fails with either a time out, or can't find resource error.
    It appears to be happening on all 3 of ours ADFs.

    We've not tried running anything on the prod ADF, but we get the timeout error on the UI

    Do you have any suggestions on the cause?

    Monday, March 26, 2018 1:25 PM