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  • It drives me nuts that many of the screencasts on MSDN, TechNet, and other MS developer and partner sites (, Channel 9, etc.) are not encoded with Windows Media Format 9 Screen. I looked at a number of screencasts from the aforementioned sites, and found that a majority of them use Windows Media Format 9, i.e. non-Screen for full motion video, which results in files that are two to three times as large as the equivalent screencast that has been encoded with the Screen codec. I mean, here we have this great codec that exists for the sole purpose of encoding on-screen content, but most of the screencasts don't even use it! Now do you understand why it drives me nuts?


    I hope the appropriate people-in-charge-of-managing-screencasts for the various sites I mentioned see this. I understand that, by the time a screencast is produced and sent to you to be posted on the site, it is too late to do anything about its codec (well, maybe you could transcode it from WMV9 to WMV9 Screen, but I don't think that would look all that hot), but at least you should be able to let the screencast contributors know at the time you solicit the screencast that the WMV9 Screen codec should be used, and/or slap their wrist if they turn it in with the "wrong", non-screen codec.


    Saturday, November 17, 2007 6:06 PM