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  • Hi I don't know where to post this so hopefully you can help me. The main part is about authentication in a c#.net desktop application and a asp.net web API combined with a website.

    I'm in the process of building an application/solution. The individual parts now work in a proof of concept. So I'm now busy with knitting it all together in one demo-able solution. In the workflow i'm thinking of, i'm making use of users. So that means users logging in and authentication. I thought I wasn't the only one that had to solve this and there would be a lot of information about it online. And luckily I was right, but there are so many different ways to do this and a lot of documentation online only describes a part of the system not the complete authentication and authorizing system. So long story short, i'm being drowned in a sea of information. What i'm hoping for is that someone know a relatively simply solution that will fulfill my requirements.

    What do I have, what do I need:
    The desktop application is made with c# 
    The online component I plan on making with asp.net Web API (but this isn't made so could be switched with good arguments)

    For the time being i'm not overly concerned with security. It is a demo product and maybe it will be installed with limited clients. When I go into the production phase I probably need to hire someone to redesign this part of the system. (But still I don't want to be careless with things like passwords) (also if it is possible to design a reasonably secure system myself and I don't have hire someone till the system get more popular I will only applaud that)

    So below here are my requirements:
    Login to Web API from c#.net desktop application
    Login to Web API from website 
    I would like to have user login once and then have an option for staying logged in both in the website and the client application.
    And i would to give my user the ability to log off and change users.
    The user information should be stored in a database
    I really hope someone can help me navigate through the sea of information.
    Well thanks upfront for anybody willing to help me.

    Sunday, August 18, 2013 10:08 AM


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