How to properly discard local changes


  • I have a newbie / simple question regarding how to discard changes

    I want to figure out the best way to discard local changes I have made to my code and revert back to the previous version so that my local copy of my source code and the one in the TFS is the same.  I was looking for something like “discard local changes” in TFS but couldn’t find anything.  Should I just delete my solution locally and bring down the old version from TFS?

    FYI: I’m using TFS 2012 and VS 2012 and I’m the sole developer in charge of the code. 

    My solution in question is a MVC 4 app that was working fine.  What happened was I wanted to try out twitter-bootstrap and so I added a nuget package that did that and that was designed for MVC as well.  The package was called “Twitter-Bootstrap-for-ASP.Net-MVC4” after installing it my application didn’t work and I didn’t have time to deal with the changes so I just wanted to back out to where my solution was before (the package added a lot of extra stuff to my solution and I felt it was overkill for what I was doing).

    John Marsing

    Friday, March 08, 2013 10:52 PM


  • Hi john

    You can go to the pending changes window in team explorer and choose actions -> undo all.

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    Saturday, March 09, 2013 9:05 AM

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