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  • hi

    there doesn't appear to be an error thread here yet, so here is my try at making one


    I will start

    I have been running the windows 8 dev. preview for just over a week

    and I like some of the new features, though I have run into several annoying issues and error

    the first one is rare but really annoying, it occurs if the "Make text and other items larger or smaller" is set to anything but 100%

    Though it is a setting that is usually set to 100% as default, some computers have this set to 150 or 200%, the function does work when you're on the desktop, though it messes up most full screen applications by zooming in on the upper left corner making a large part of the screen in accessible, this error also occurs in windows 7

    It's not that common because most users don't even realize it's there and usually it is set to 100% as default.


    the second one I'm not sure how often is a problem, it is an issue with using your live ID as login for windows 8

    when the login is used most of the applications try to start the new "windows store" up, returning that it is not yet available

    though this might be fixed when the store comes up, it might still cause problems if the computer isn't connected to the internet even when the store is up and running.


    the third one is not an actual error and is an ignorable problem for the most part, it is that the metro styled apps aren't equipped with a close program

    it is ignorable because the programs shut down when windows shuts down, they stasis when they aren't being used and in most cases a computer doesn't run that many different programs, between startups, but it still might cause problems with ram usage if to many programs running at the same time, it can also cause problems with navigation between programs.


    the fourth issue I have found is that windows update does not always detect that it has already installed an update or driver and keeps asking the user to install the same update


    the last issue I have is that all shortcuts that would normally have been placed in the windows start menu is placed in the new windows screen, resulting in some programs having more than 10 icons, an example of this would be installing Microsoft office, an solution to this could be making a submenu to some programs

    it could be placed in the bar in the bottom, that is currently only used for up to 3 things, size change, uninstall and unpin. why not place sub programs there as well

    this could also prevent the inevitable overcrowding in app list

    and if your wondering how you decide which one would be the main icon, I suggest you just make it the that would be put at the top position in the windows 7 start menu (it's usually the run, play or whatever icon)


    thanks for taking your time to read this

    ps. I am aware that this is a forum for questions, but this is the closest I have been able to find to an official windows 8 discussion forum.


    if any one else experiences errors or other issues I encourage you to post them in this thread, in order to increase the chances of them being read by someone that can actually do something about it and decrease the chances of them already being here

    pps. oh and add a shutdown shortcut somewhere where you don't have to log out first or press ctrl+alt+del

    btw. i'm not sure if it shutsdown correctly if the shutdown in the ctrl+alt+del screen used

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  • Good post. I noticed the same issue with Windows Update. If you check the update history, it shows the updates are actually not installed. 
    Saturday, October 8, 2011 1:53 PM
  • Good post. I noticed the same issue with Windows Update. If you check the update history, it shows the updates are actually not installed. 

    mine says installed successfully but it still finds and wants to install the updates until reboot
    Søren J.B.
    Saturday, October 8, 2011 2:09 PM