How eliminated the black frame between two AVIS videos with Windows Media Player? RRS feed

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  • Hello, I make a PlayList with the Windows Media Player, and between two AVIS videos doa a black frame, I think this is the preload, but I'm interesting to eliminated this black frame, but I don't know how. TY

    Monday, October 29, 2007 11:10 AM


  • Here's the newsgroup for WMP questions: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/community/newsgroups/WindowsMedia/default.mspx?dg=microsoft.public.windowsmedia.player&lang=en&cr=US


    And because AVI is not natively supported by Media Foundation on Vista, this isn't going through Media Foundation; WMP uses DirectShow to play your AVI files.  I'm moving this thread to the DShow forum.


    I do not believe that there is any guarantee of seamlessness between these two files in a WMP playlist, which might account for your black frame (or any glitches between the files, if you're seeing that). 


    It happens that if you were to do this with WMV files on Vista (which means you'd get MF), assuming that audio and video end in the first file at the same point, you should get a seamless transition.

    Friday, November 2, 2007 3:44 PM