Retry Policy setting for Stored Procedure Activity RRS feed

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  • I built a pipeline with stored procedure activities.  I didn't include a Policy section as I intended to take the default values.  Based on the Azure documentation page titles "Pipelines and Activities in Azure Data Factory" (sorry, forum not allowing me to post a link, search for that title and scroll 3/4 down the page).  I understood the Retry default to be 0.  One of my stored procedure activities failed, and was retried 3 times by Data Factory (DF).

    Next I tried adding in a Policy section specifying 0 retries.  I created the section based on what is generated when you do Add Activity > Sproc and changed retried from 3 to 0:

                    "policy": {
                        "concurrency": 1,
                        "executionPriorityOrder": "OldestFirst",
                        "retry": 0,
                        "timeout": "01:00:00"

    After deploy and provisioning, ADF removed the executionPriorityOrder and retry entries, leaving my JSON looking like this:

                    "policy": {
                        "timeout": "01:00:00",
                        "concurrency": 1

    So now, I'm thoroughly confused...

    1. Why did my failed activity retry itself 3 times, when I didn't specify any retry attempts be made (documented default is 0)?

    2. Why was my usage of the retry parameter set to 0 n the Policy section removed when I deployed? 

    3. How do I prevent DF from retrying a failed stored procedure activity?

    Wednesday, December 21, 2016 8:59 PM