Word 2010 setting a bookmark or cross reference value based on a string via VBA RRS feed

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  • I'm very good at Excel VBA, but now find myself in the different world of Word VBA.  Can someone recommend the best way to set up a word.docm with a userform set up with several text boxes.  Each text box (say e.g. tb_Name1) to accept input of a value that is then captured to a string (e.g str_TB_Name1). 

    I am trying to set the document itself up so that the user enters a value into the name tb_Name1 textbox, and that, subsequently get's populated to say three different spots in the document itself.  (It can be done after clicking on a cmdbox to force an update).


    I'm fighting with fileds, bookmarks, textboxes, and strings, and I just can't seem to pull them all together.  When I use the bookmark, then if I try to set it at a later spot, then it wipes out the first spot. 

    Any assistance very much welcome and appreciated!!!

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011 7:42 PM

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