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    I, Jasbir Singh Gill, being of sound mind and body, on this day Monday 29th July 2013, hereby give free non-exclusive licence to all interested parties to use the ideas or any part thereof herein contained to their best advantage.


    Application-Based Websites


    This idea to take website development to the next level by creating hybrid, half-program half-website, applications.


    Current and new solutions (as they are invented/found-necessary), with respect to security, can be implemented.


    Network traffic (over the internet) can be minimised by having the bulk of ‘presentation’ data stored on the client-computer.


    New data, such as RSS News feeds, can be transmitted in real-time (over the internet).


    Computers are much faster nowadays (than three or four decades ago), hence intensive/complex processing can be performed on the client-computer.


    (This takes into account complex processing being performed in the cloud – for portable, lower capability clients [mobile phones, etc.])


    Hence, the Microsoft XNA Games Engine (for example) could be used to present the user experience in 3D-virtual-environments.


    As the client-computer would hold user-information, this would do away with the need to use cookies in order to store visitor information, buying habits, etc.


    Interface Markup Language

    With respect to the above, a most powerful trophy would be the ability to use the already created most comprehensive sets of classes in programming languages (for example Microsoft Visual Studio .NET) – Rapid Application Development !!!


    Maybe, a set of HTML keywords (objects) can be defined for the purposes of interfacing website functionality with said class libraries.


    Website Notes


    Nature conservationists will love this !!!


    When some people read books, they make notes in the margins.


    Wouldn’t it be good if you could do that with webpages.


    Imagine going to an academic web-page… and needing to make notes about what you see there.


    Having colour-coded notes that are available to the user, on the client-computer, would help them not having to print-out the page (just for the purpose of making the note(s)).


    The notes could be available as ‘sidebars’ (HTML5).


    The problem is with the page being changed/updated.


    This may require some kind of versioning control (for the source page), marked for deletion notation (rather than actual deletion).


    Or, maybe the page could be downloaded and stored on the local-client.




    Printer Style Sheets


    Have you ever tried printing a web-page and found that the right-hand third of it got clipped?


    Or how about when the person before you printed a frame, and then your page got printed in a frame… or should that be your ‘one page’ got printed in about twenty pages of two-inch frames.


    How about when the webpage is in beautiful colour – and then you have to print it in black-and-white and get faded writing?


    Or when the website designer uses smaller font sizes (8 pt, for example) and you prefer the text to be in 12 pt?


    Some people prefer to have larger user margins; for binding, or for making side-notes. Others prefer minimal margins, for conserving paper.

    Clearly, we need a way for the pages to be redefined (or remade) for the target device.


    The web-page could be ported through a word-processing application, such as Microsoft Word. What with Microsoft Word being a top-end, industry standard, application which gives great control over font-styles, sizes (paragraphs, foot-notes, superscript/subscript, etc.)


    One solution could be to ‘shrink’ (transform) the page to fit the paper-page-size.


    Another solution could be to rotate the print (to landscape) in order to fit in the page as seen on the screen.


    In terms of ‘reformatting’ (remaking) the page to the users requirements, pictures need to be taken into consideration. Does the picture get printed ‘as is’ (with large pictures taking over the printed page), or transformed to a smaller size in order to maintain the design aesthetic?

    What about user-defined font styles, sizes, etc.

    There are also extra features to consider – for example, printing the URL for the page in the footer.

    There can be a form which is activated every time new CSS/font styles are encountered, with suggested (Microsoft Intellisense) settings. These are then saved as the user’s default settings.


    And Finally - %20


    Wouldn’t it be really good if when someone uploaded a file with a space that got ‘escaped’ to %20…

    …the ‘computer’ unescaped it back to space when you downloaded it?



    Best Wishes,





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