SlideShowWindow.View.Next no longer works in PowerPoint 2010 for more than one SlideShow RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have a VB6 program/Office 2010 macro that controls the currently dislayed PowerPoint slide for two side shows. Since upgrading to PowerPoint 2010 SlideShowWindow.View.Next no longer works correctly. It can only control the most recently created slideshow it seems. With PowerPoint 2007 and earlier it was possible to control the current slide for more than one slide show. Some example code that demonstrates this problem is listed below:

    Private Sub go()
        Dim power As New PowerPoint.Application
        Dim pres1 As PowerPoint.Presentation
        Dim pres2 As PowerPoint.Presentation
        Set pres1 = power.Presentations.Open("C:\words.pptx", , , msoFalse)
        Set pres2 = power.Presentations.Open("C:\music.pptx", , , msoFalse)
        pres1.SlideShowWindow.Height = 300
        pres2.SlideShowWindow.Height = 200
        pres2.SlideShowWindow.Top = 200
    End Sub

    The last two lines both end up controlling the music.pptx presentation whereas with PowerPoint 2007 pres1.SlideShowWindow.View.Next controlled words.pptx and pres2.SlideShowWindow.View.Next controlled music.pptx.

    Is this a Microsoft bug or mine?



    Wednesday, May 23, 2012 12:44 PM