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  • Hello guys,

    I've been toying around with Windows 8 since the Developer Preview, now that I've installed the Release Preview, I've tought of trying a little extension I've created from adjusting for my needs one of the examples of integration with the Windows shell and I've been having a little trouble with deleting/overwriting the files it's supposed to handle.

    The extension extract thumbnails from a customized xml file format a little pet project app of mine generates (Web Comic [.cbw] format to be exact), so they can be displayed on Windows Explorer. In the format there is a customizable "Variable" tag that allow me to inject arbitrary content without turning the file invalid for it's reader apps, I use it to insert a optimized image converted to a base64 string that the extension can then read. The extension itself is not even my code, I've just adapted a example I got from the All-in-One Code Framework that did the same thing on a format ".recipe". I've just altered the tag it looked for, the file extension associated and the GUID used as ID for it.

    When the extension is registered (which is done without problem) every time I try to delete or overwrite a ".cbw" file I get either na exception (if I'm saving from my generator app) or the costumary file-in-use dialog  if deleting from Explorer. I can only delete it from command prompt using "del".

    I've tryed to figure out what was hanging on to the file using the "handle" tool from Sysinternals but the scan came empty, no handles at all where pointing to the file.

    The same extension was tested succesfully on Windows 7, so the question is : is there anything different on the way Windows * treat the thumbnail extensions from Windows 7 tha would cause it to hang permanently on the file? Just so to say the extract and show part works fine, Explorer does show the thumbnails for the files that have the a "Variable" with a thumbnail cotent and just a blank doc icon for those which doesn't. What can do so Explorer don't lock away the files I generate?

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