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  • I have a self-hosted Sequence workflow which contains a Receive activity.

    Sequence workflow is defined in a XAML file in a separate assembly.

    The Receive activity exposes, via Properties, an interface name 'IReceiveTask' and the operation name in the Receive task is 'DoProcessTask'.

    Host is a Console application.  Application is NOT hosted in IIS.

    The binding used is netMsmqBinding.


    I am now building a client application which will send messages to this server as follows:


    ChannelFactory<IReceiveTask> serviceFactory = new
    IReceiveTask taskReceiver = serviceFactory.CreateChannel();



    How do I manually define the interface IReceiveTask based on the properties that I have set for the Receive activity so that I can consume them in my client ?  Since my workflow is entirely defined in XAML, there is no class definition from which I can generate an interface.

    How can I extract or define and interface definition that represents the Receive activity contained in my server?





    Monday, May 10, 2010 8:46 PM