Just Launched: a New Arc Forum on "The Architect Role" RRS feed

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    Hi guys,


    to all of you who frequently visit this "Architecture General" forum and actively participate in discussions, we are pleased to announce you that another forum was created to specifically focus not in typical architecture subjects (like SOA, O/R-M, patterns, IoC, n-layers, etc) but in the role of the architect itself


    As you have already discovered, guys, holding the "Architect" title is just a matter of being designated to play the role, but from there to be a succesfull architect there's an ocean of distance as, in our career, success is nothing you get just because of your knowledge but more importantly because of your attitudes, behaviours, commitment abilities to interact with others (upward, downward and with your peers) and several other soft skills


    Clearly "Not Invented Here (NIH)" and many other syndromes we architects often fall into are good discussion topics. Conflict handling (with the development staff, with the project leader, etc) are also, by far, subjects I prefer to share with you guys than my psychoanalist!!


    So I invite you guys to engage and participate, either asking your own questions, or sharing your visions to the rest of us, mere mortals!!

    Saturday, April 26, 2008 1:27 AM