Cannot play media - Javascript runtime error: Not Implemented for HTML Video & Audio elements RRS feed

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  • I'm using the HTML Media Playback Sample from MSDN's sample library.

    Whenever the Video player is accessed via Javascript, with play(), pause(), src, it throws an error saying Not Implemented.. 

    The error arrises upon the following call:

    var vid = WinJS.Utilities.query("#playbackVideo")[0];
    vid.src = src; // error
    vid.play(); //error

    If i look at the video variable in debug mode, it sure enough has play(), pause(), and src available as methods and attributes..

    I should also note, that I have tried just setting the SRC of the video element, and add AUTOPLAY, in order to try it without Javascript interactions, but no video plays. I have tried this with local and external videos. The format is mp4.

    I'm at a loss here, do I need to be including extra libraries for HTML5 elements such as <video/> or <audio/>? 

    I'm using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate.

    EDIT: I just recalled that my Windows version is 8.1 N from the MSDN subscription downloads.. Meaning it does not have media libraries.. Please advise

    Edit 2: I've installed the KB2835517 update, which is the Windows Media package, and we are in business! I'll leave this up for anyone that has the same problem.

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  • Right. The N versions don't have media support by default. Your app has to handle this lack gracefully as you can't guarantee which version your users will be on.
    Thursday, April 24, 2014 7:00 PM