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  • I am starting to learn WCF. The first line it shows that it is used for building distributed application.
    What exactly means is  that?
    I searched on google but not find answers in understandable manners. Will anybody explain it in most simplifed manner with example?
    Friday, October 25, 2013 8:36 AM


  • Hi Nilesh:

    In simple words: Software that is distributed to more than one machine in a network. :-)

    There are different architectures for distributed software. Here are some:

    Client/Server: You've a client and a server. The client talks to the server and the server sends some information. If you are building a classical WPF-Application that directly accesses the database, this is client-server.

    Three-Tier: You have a client, a middle-tier and e.g. a Data-Access-Tier. Let's say you have a WPF-Application on Computer X that calls a WCF-Service that runs on Computer Y. The WCF-Service then makes a database-call and the database runs on Computer Z. Now you've three different tiers.

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