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  • when i tried to install a printer through DPWS ,the printer is getting installed automatically without asking for the particular drivers. how to overcome ythis issue.
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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009 8:05 AM

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    i would like you to check the below info

    1.   DPWS allows printers to be discovered by using WS‑Discovery messages, which permit network-connected printers to be located by using Network Explorer or directed discovery.

    For a complete description of WS‑Discovery and how DPWS message exchanges work, see "How DPWS Exchanges Messages" later in this paper.

    In addition, directed discovery enables clients that have the directed discovery URL for a device to bootstrap communication with that device such as when the client and device are separated by a router or firewall.

    For DPWS printers, directed discovery communicates the printer URL to the client by using either of two options:

    ·         If the printer uses the URL convention (published in DPWS for printers), directed discovery uses the IP address or hostname of the printer to establish communication. The Add Printer Wizard constructs a URL according to the convention.

    ·         The Add Printer Wizard can also accept any arbitrary URL. The user would typically obtain this URL by printing the printer configuration page from the device.

    2.   If PnP‑X is implemented on each printer, a PnP‑X hardware ID specifies what software must be installed for the device. (Right-clicking Install in Network Explorer indicates which drivers to install for the device.) PnP‑X–compliant printers also provide information about the Web services to be exposed (supported) by the device.

    On the print server, PnP‑X detects each printer’s presence and installs the printer drivers. When the printer leaves the network, WS‑Discovery allows PnP‑X to manage the printer’s presence. When PnP‑X detects the printer’s presence, it loads or unloads device drivers such as when the printer joins or leaves the network.

    In addition, note that the Windows Vista printing system API contains WSDL for enterprise printers. WSDL describes the contract between a class of network-connected devices and other Web services. See "Web Services Description Language" earlier in this paper.

    3.   Enterprise workstations, PCs, and laptops send print jobs to the print server running Windows Vista. The workstations, PCs, and laptops are not required to be upgraded to Windows Vista.

    Note that a PC or laptop that uses Windows Vista can print directly to a network-attached printer because it shows the printer device state.

    4.   The print server (spooler) collects the print job and sends it to the printer. The print server interacts with the printers by using DPWS.

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