What do type ICMCS_TYPE, ICMCXF_TYPE and ICMDLL_TYPE mean ? RRS feed

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    There are some GDI objects leak in my virtual printer. My virtual printer is 64bits and the leak only occurs when the host program is 32bit and splwow64.exe is running. I can fix this leak by setting uiNumColor = 0 of struct GDIInfo, but this may lead to an error printing result.

    I can get the type of the leaked GDI object by reading GDI object table, and their type value are 9. But I can not find any document to explain what this type is. I just get the type declaration from the book 'Windows Graphics Programming Win32 GDI and DirectDraw' . When type value is 0x09, the type is ICMCS_TYPE and 0x0E means ICMCXF_TYPE, 0x0F means ICMDLL_TYPE. They look like somethings about Image Color Manager. But I don't know what exactly they are. Does anyone know about them ?

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