How Do I: Create a One-to-Many Data Entry Form? tutorial - Help


  • Hi,

    I have followed the aforementioned tutorial and have expereinced a few problems.

    Firstly I cannot seem to perform the first step - Clicking Create New SQL server database - even though I have SQL Server 2008 installed.

    I have managed to get something going with SQL compact although this gives me a .sdf extension rather than a  .dbo as shown in the video.

    Everything is working fine and I have managed to add a lot of my own personalised features to this but there is one fundamental flaw - although clicking save to store any changes (using the one to many data entry form technique) seems to work when I run debug, if I preview data in my dataset the new items or changes are not there - the contents of my tables are exactly the same - and I am presently not doing anything with relationships - just straight table contents editing.

    If I then edit something on one of my forms it doesn't appear in the debug either. This makes me think that the changes have been cached rather than commited to the database so I checked out the .acceptchanges routine. This doesn't seem to make any difference though.

    Does anybody have any idea where I am going wrong. Is it the type of database I am using?


    Wednesday, October 22, 2008 12:35 AM


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