Undocumented attribute key? RRS feed

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  • Hi forum,

    I am developing a custom mixer for the EVR, MF environment, not DirectShow. I brought type negotiation to work but now I'm stuck with an attribute the EVR is requesting from my first input stream. The EVR calls IMFTransform::GetInputStreamAttributes() for my first stream (reference stream). On the IMFAttributes I hand out he calls IMFAttributes::GetUINT32 with the GUID {18802C61-324B-4952-ABD0-176FF5C696FF} which is unknown to me. I couldnt find any reference to this GUID, neither on the internet nor within the API header files. Without this attribute the EVR refuses to playback anything and I get MF_E_ATTRIBUTENOTFOUND.

    Any idea on what this attribute does or should return?

    Friday, April 17, 2009 1:38 PM