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  • Hello guys, i'm wondering how can i code my report rdlc, i have included controls in it which follows couple of text box but i wanna put the values from the my current opened form which has the reportviewer in it. i want to insert the values ino the report.rdlc textboxes. like for instance i have a textbox for date and time now. i wanna fill up the value through the program not drag and drop including value from the design mode. how can i code this any concern please?

    im using reportviewer in my form. so i need it to refresh everytime the i click the selected item in listview so it needs to repopulate the values in my rdlc file but i have already instantiated controls with name i just dont know how to access it from the form.

    i'll appreciate your suggestions. thanks

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  • You can use Report Parameter for filling the values.

    Check this thread for more information

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    Monday, April 12, 2010 10:39 AM
  • thanks but amal im not going to get the values from database what i am trying to do is to get transfer the data from selected item in listview to the textboxes in rdlc file. because its just a form and im going to move the values from the form to report.rdlc which will be displayed in reportviewer i just dont know how can i modify the template form i created in report.rdlc it has like 5 textbox.


    what im tryin to do is something like that


    lets say this is my report.rdlc

    i have textbox1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in it.

    and in the form where i have my reportviewer there is a listview that needs when i click an item in the list view it must copy the the selecteditem and expand the 5 columns values to the 5 textboxes.

    something like 

    txtbox1.text = lview.FocusedItem.SubItems[0].Text;

    txtbox2.text = lview.FocusedItem.SubItems[1].Text;

    txtbox3.text = lview.FocusedItem.SubItems[2].Text;

    txtbox4.text = lview.FocusedItem.SubItems[3].Text;

    txtbox5.text = lview.FocusedItem.SubItems[4].Text;


    where my problem is there is no such a code mode in report.rdlc but just drag and drop control tool.


    Monday, April 12, 2010 11:41 AM