Replace a file in WEC2013 image RRS feed

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  • I have built a CEPC OS design with Platform Builder WEC2013. Since I don't have working KITL driver for the Virtual Box I need to start the VM and monitor the debug output. 

    Now I develop  a driver using printf sytle debugging and need to replace this file for each start. This should be possible with binmod command. The viewbin command shows the file in the FILES section of the nk.bin

    C:\Test>viewbin -t nk.bin
    ViewBin... nk.bin
    Image Start = 0x00220000, length = 0x01AA87EC
                    Start address = 0x00227DA0
    Checking record #166 for potential TOC (ROMOFFSET = 0x80000000)
    Found pTOC  = 0x81cc6aec
    ROMOFFSET = 0x80000000
    MODULES ---------------------------------------
    FILES ----------------------------------------
          5/06/2015  15:19:16  C_R_       2867      12605                ceconfig.h (ROM 0x811C6490)
          5/07/2015  06:53:05  CHRS      17419      32768              Am79C973.DLL (ROM 0x81CC26E0)

    But when I run the binmod program it will fail to replace this file:

    C:\Test>binmod -r Am79C973.DLL
    BinMod V1.0 built Apr  2 2013 01:37:31
    Checking record #166 for potential TOC (ROMOFFSET = 0x80000000)
    NOTICE! Record 166 looked like a TOC except DLL first = 0x4001EF30, and DLL last = 0x40E8F000
    Error: File not found in image
    Error: Replacement failed!

    Is there any other way to replace the file without running the whole makeimg phase again?

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