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    I'm having a bear of a time moving my data from one database to another. Unfortunately both these databases are at webhosting providers so I don't readily have access to backup images. I might be able to get the new provider to put the backup image somewhere where I can reach it but the old provider is playing dead so I can't get to any backup image I could generate.

    I've tried using Enterprise Manager for SQL2000 to move data from one to another. This grinds away for a while and eventually errors out with permission problems. I will try this again tonight as the provider has attempted to give me the needed permissions. In the meantime I'd like to try to pull the data out of the database just in case it goes belly-up. I've tried to create a script for my tables but all I get is the table structure, no data.

    I don't have access to a full Enterprise Manager right now, only SQL Server Management Studio Express (someone needs to shorten that name :).

    I'm a big SQL Server fan but it sure is easy to create one big SQL script for a MySQL databsae that you pull out of one db and apply to another one. Poof! Cloned copy. How do I do this with MSSQL and freely available tools? Command line is fine. Surely this is a problem that people have all the time?




    Tuesday, May 30, 2006 8:55 PM


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