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  • I have just installed the Windows 8 DP on an AcerTouch from USB Key with no issues. As a process some idea of the actual progression of the installation would be useful, the spinning lights are completely pointless. However as this is a once only exercise not a major issue.

    1st impressions are reasonable although as a touch centric interface I see the uptake of this in the corporate environment as popular as Vista, i.e. not a lot.

    My big issue is with closing apps. 1stly how? There is no indication on the screen as to where to go in order to get back to the start screen at all even if you accept the idea of "freezing" them if not closing it. Eventually I discover the use of the Windows key but this is a touch interface and should not be reliant on the keyboard. Even a button on the App with the Windows logo would at least be a hint so you can either touch the screen or use the key.

    2ndly why the obsession with freezing. Some apps might benefit from residing in the background but others are pointless. Why keep the Weather app, it is not something most people are going to switch back to frequently so it can be closed and reloaded as needed.

    I realise this is a pre-beta release so may not be representative but just to show of the interface but what is this obsession with social media and games? Many corporate networks block social media sites as they serve no purpose in the work environment and all the deployments I built had to have the games removed as a matter of course. Microsoft staff may have the time to chat to each other on Twitter or play on their computers but most real business employees do not Windows ? Professional is exactly that and not a toy

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    Wednesday, October 12, 2011 10:17 PM